Tuesday, June 15, 2010

To Blog or Not To Blog...That is the Question

Just when I thought I was ready to give up this blog (All 7 entries of it) I've decided to jump back on the bandwagon. I know I promised this in the last one, but I promise to be better this time. My excuse is the same as before...too busy living my life to write about my life. But I'm going to make it a personal goal to update my blog at least once a week. I would say twice a week, but I know that's pushing it. In fact, I stayed late at the office tonight to make sure I can check off that I updated my blog. For all of my friends that know me so well...yes, this was written in my agenda and no, my day is not complete until I have checked off everything. So here goes nothing...

Highlight of the month was when my parents came to visit me in May. My Mom had spent a lot of time here when she was closing her business in Philly in the fall/winter, but this was my Dad's first trip to visit me. The first time he came here he saw my small apartment and the comprehensive lease he had to co-sign and basically laughed at me knowing this would be my first taste of the real world (multiple mice, lack of space, 4th floor walk up and lack of funds to live the live I've grown accustomed to). Well... almost 8 months later, I can't say I love my apartment, but I do LOVE New York City. For the first time in my 8 months of living here I was able to show my Dad the city that I have grown to love and exposed him to some of his new favorite places. For so long, I feel like my parents were the ones introducing me to new places, restaurants, and experiences and I can't express how special it feels to show them my world. 

My parents arrived early on a Saturday morning and left mid afternoon on Sunday. I can honestly say we didn't stop moving the entire time they were here. We went everywhere from Essa Bagel, Union Square Farmer's Market, Washington Square Park, Corsino (my new favorite), Chelsea Market, The Surrey Roof Garden, Yerba Buena, The Gramercy Park Hotel and guest only rooftop, Essa Bagel again, Wall Street, The Stock Market Bull, my office in The Empire State Building, Brooklyn, and unfortunately a long trip to Best Buy to buy me my first NYC window air conditioning unit...Hello Summer in New York. 

Needless to say, I'm pretty sure I covered all of my Dad's favorite things-Food, wine, the stock market...I made sure it was all covered. And a trip to my office on the 59th floor topped everything off. I had to show my Dad that his daughter is making her way in this crazy city. Although he hears how amazing I'm doing and gives me endless praise, I can't express how amazing it felt to show him my life here and all of my "favorite" things. But with New York being how it is, of course since my parents left, I already have a million and one new favorite things to show them next time they visit and have already started my checklist for our next "36 hours in NYC". My last reference shows how addicted I am to my job and my obsession with the New York Times. 

Between my last post and now, I've also taken two trips to my house in New Jersey, experienced a true Jersey Shore experience at Maynards in Margate, had amazing nights with my friends and started a job that I'm absolutely obsessed with! 

This next month should be interesting, but I promise to update everything before a week goes by...next things on my plate: trip to Boston on Friday, meeting lots of editors at The Surrey-roof garden weather permitting, Jersey Shore/Hamptons for 4th of July, Ft. Lauderdale July 23-25, and a possible move to Los Angeles within the next 6 months. 


  1. I forgot to comment on how much I LOVE this post :) I'm holding you to your once a week promise! All we need is some free time and a bottle of wine...